Custom Frames

mask frame samples
Choosing the ideal frame for your project can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Tom will gladly assist you in selecting just the right moulding to showcase your art.

We have thousands of frame corner samples representing a variety of frame manufacturers- from standard and designer metals, hardwood, shadowbox and hand gilded gold frames. We also carry strainer stock in various thicknesses as well as canvas floater frames. frame molding selection


fabric matte samplesmatting framed example
One of the primary functions of the mat is to provide an air space for your art and to create a visual field around the art. It also helps to protect against environmental pollutants such as hydrocarbons and acids.

We recommend all cotton and buffered matboard, 100% acid free and pH neutral and have many colors, styles and thicknesses to choose from.

Glass Options

tru vue glassframe glass shadow box Exposure to ultraviolet light is the number one enemy of framed art. All light has some amount of UV while sunlight and fluorescent pose the greatest challenge in most indoor environments. Filtering light before it can damage your art is achieved by using conservation glass by Tru Vue™. For large frames or priceless prints where broken glass could be a disaster, conservation plexiglass or OP3 is the ideal choice.


Fillets (fil-its) or a frame within a frame can greatly expand your framing options. Stacked enhancers which are deep fillets expand options in shadowbox design.shadow box fabric mats

Fabric wrapped mats, v-grooves, french mats and specialty cut mats as well as brass plates are also available.

All framing is 100% guaranteed. On site consultation as well as pickup and delivery also available.